Our Story

The seemingly inevitable pairing of Shari Dunn and Jonny Kerr could be described as a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. From their first performance, it seemed as though they had been playing together for years.

With a voice that will send chills down your spine, Shari's singing has blessed many audiences since a very young age. Her presence is outstanding, somehow amplifying the energy in any room. Whether performing, teaching, writing or improvising, Shari brings her intense passion to every note she sings. Anyone who is lucky enough to experience her talent will no doubt walk away feeling enlightened.

Jonny comes by his talent naturally. Growing up with a piano in the house and many musical influences in the family, there was no doubt that music would become his way of life. Starting out as a drummer and bass player in several bands, Jonny eventually turned to singing as a more fulfilling means of expression. He is now playing guitar although his drumming background brings a rhythmic approach that keeps audiences on their feet.

Put these two passionate musicians together and the result will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

"Shari & Jonny will entertain you with music of the soul. From Bob Marley to Norah Jones. Not only do they perform with masterful skill, but they perform from the heart. 
Personally I have seen them near a dozen times, and have never been disappointed. Each time I have been thoroughly entertained." - Chris Labonville. 

"During their presentation both Jonny and Shari alternate singing lead while the other provides a beautifully balanced harmony part on the choruses. Jonny does an expert job accompanying all songs on acoustic guitar and the repertoire includes soul, R and B, and folk" - Glen Silverthorn, The Brantford Expositor.


Our Band

Justin Dunlop is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Hamilton, Ontario. His EP, “Set You On The Run” marked his emergence as a promising new talent in Toronto’s independent music scene and caught the attention of the Ontario Arts Council, who awarded him with a popular music grant. Newly released, Justin’s debut LP “Black Bay Nocturnes” features his plaintive and intimate songwriting framed by rustic, soulful grooves and a sound that calls to mind the works of M. Ward, Ron Sexsmith and Bill Withers.

Follow the links below to visit Justin's website, twitter and bandcamp accounts for more information of to listen Jusin's original music! You won't regret it.